Home Wedding Videos: Do you really need one?

Wedding Videos: Do you really need one?

Wedding Videos: Do you really need one?

It’s one of those decisions that you keep putting off, a heart versus head type. Budget versus wedding videography. So, how essential is it to have a wedding videographer to capture your very, very special day on film?

Some couples absolutely hate the idea of having a videographer as they want to relax and enjoy the day without having another professional (in addition to the photographer) in close proximity. It’s also easy to remember back to when wedding videography meant a long, boring and often very cheesy film montage played in front of a tired family audience! However these days there are so many incredible cinematic styles of filming that you can choose the perfect style of shooting to you as a couple; unobtrusive and spectacular.

The movement of your dress as you walk down the aisle; the growing smile on your groom’s face as you approach him; your grandparents dancing; the way you said your vows – these are things photography cannot capture. Replaying those incredible moments could never carry a price tag. So many couples say their days pass in a happy blur that having the chance to live those moments again in their wedding videos is invaluable.

When considering which videographer is right for you, take your time to choose carefully.

Firstly look at what experience they have and ask to see recent examples of their wedding videos and testimonials from happy clients.

Next you need to establish whether their style suits you as a couple. A dramatic cinematographic style may not be right for the shy couples amongst you.

Finally, ensure that you feel comfortable with your chosen videographer and most importantly that you can put forward any requests with ease to guarantee every significant detail is captured in the most magical and fitting way possible.

Wedding videos can then be cherished for years to come and bring back those fabulous memories time and time again, are you sure you wouldn’t regret not having one?


By Victoria Morris

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